Conserve Water

  • Do not let water taps run on or flush toilets unnecessarily and remember to turn off taps when you no longer need water. 
  • Report any taps, toilets or urinals that are no working properly to school administration so that they can send in a repair work order.
  • Take shorter showers
  • Try not to let too much water run from the hot water tap when you are waiting for it to warm up.  What you can do is save the cooler water in a container and use it to water plants!
  • Don't throw away dead batteries, recycle them or better yet, use rechargeable batteries.  The mercury contained in old batteries will eventually leak in a landfill and poison the water it runs into
  • To learn more about conserving water, check out Explore Water with Holly Heron, put out by the Girl Guides of Canada or Water Conservation Around the House, put out by Earth Day Canada.