District Emergency Management Manual

The District Emergency Management Manual is part of the District Emergency Plan which has been developed and constantly being refined with the cooperation of Delta Emergency Measures Office, Delta Emergency Social Services, Delta Police, the Ministry of Education and other local agencies.  Materials contained in this Manual are to be used by schools, staff and students for the purpose of emergency planning, preparedness and response. Materials contained herein are not to be used, in whole or in part, for profit or personal gain in any manner.  Every reasonable effort has been made at the time of development to ensure the accuracy of the content in this Manual.  The use and/or interpretation of the information in this manual is entirely at the risk of the user(s).  The authors, contributors, and their agents of this manual assume no responsibility and disclaim any liability resulting from the use and/or interpretation of the information contained herein.

Click on the links below to download the PDF files containing the complete up-to-date manual as well as individual sections.

Complete District Emergency Preparedness Manual (22 September 2016) – 174 pages, 1.8 Mb.

Cover, Record of Revisions, Related Documents, Table of Contents (22 September 2016)

Section 1 – Emergency Management (13 July 2016)

Section 2 – Prevention-Mitigation Procedures (13 July 2016)

Section 3 – Planning and Preparedness Procedures (13 July 2016)

Section 4 – Emergency Response Procedures (13 July 2016)

Section 5 – Post Disaster and Recovery Procedures (13 July 2016)


Appendix A – District Policy – Emergency Response Plan (13 July 2016)

Appendix B – District Emergency Preparedness Flowchart (13 July 2016)

Appendix C – Suggested School Emergency Planning Calendar/Checklist (22 September 2016)

Appendix D – Building Emergency Plan Template (22 September 2016)

Appendix E – Checklists and Inventory Lists (13 July 2016)

Appendix F – Building Signs (13 July 2016)

Appendix G – Emergency Drill Procedures (13 July 2016)

Appendix H – Suggested Emergency Supply Lists (13 July 2016)

Appendix I – Emergency Record Sheets (13 July 2016)

Appendix J – Student Emergency Release Templates (13 July 2016)

Appendix K – Response Function Teams (13 July 2016)

Appendix L – District Emergency Operations Centre Setup (13 July 2016)

Appendix M – District Flood Contingency Plan (13 July 2016)

Appendix N – District Action for Emergencies (SAFE) Plan (13 July 2016)

Appendix O – School Critical Incident Response Protocol (13 July 2016)