Information Technology Services

The Information Technology Department (IT Services) provides the following supports to schools and district departments:

  • Managing the Comprehensive Integrated Management System (CIMS) which runs the main mission critical administrative applications:
    • Accounting
    • Payroll
    • Human Resources
    • Purchasing
    • Student records (including demographics, courses, scheduling, grades, attendance, assignments, full historical tracking)
    • Web-based interfaces for staff, administrators, parents and students to access and adjust appropriate data

and administering appropriate authorized access to district staff, students and parents;

  • Centralized extraction and import of data to/from multiple third party applications from/into the central CIMS system (i.e. Ministry of Education 1701/TRAX/SADE/Passports, Baragar Demographics, IEP Central, Telus, BC Hydro);
  • Processing data, generation and publishing of internal and external financial, student information, enrolment, personnel and other reports and electronic files as required for analysis and district/school contracts and growth plans;
  • Developing and maintaining both computer system and end-user procedural documentation for CIMS and Office software applications;
  • Training for end users on CIMS, Office applications, District and School websites;
  • Managing content on district websites (i.e. main district site, school and department sites) and coordinating website updates and/or issues with the developers;
  • Preserving critical information through the design and implementation of disaster recovery and back-up procedures, information security and control structures;
  • Maintaining the District Datacentre and remote back-up site;
  • Technical and help desk support for District software applications and hardware;
  • Developing appropriate technology solutions and managing District-wide information technology projects;
  • Managing, maintaining and upgrading hardware, software, and maintain licenses & internet security certificates for district-wide technology services including:
    • e-mail, websites and internet access
    • IBM iSeries 400 (CIMS)
    • wired and wireless networks
    • voice, video and data systems
    • audio-video systems and equipment
    • security and access control systems
    • digital building control systems, fire alarm systems and remote monitoring (co-responsibility with the Maintenance Services Department)
    • Active Directory system
    • file servers and VMWare
    • uninterruptible power supply systems
    • district-wide software systems (i.e. office productivity applications)
    • software licenses; and
  • Installing, maintaining and repair of the instructional and non-instructional equipment:
    • desktop and laptop computers (PC’s and Macs)
    • desktop and portable computer labs
    • printers and other computer peripherals
    • audio/visual equipment
    • district cellular phones, VOIP and telephone systems

The Department Manager is Paul Parsons and the Senior Analyst is Mark Anderson