Drinking Water Quality Program Update

Earlier this year, at the request of the Provincial Health Officer via the Ministry of Education to all BC school districts, the Delta School District established a plan to evaluate water quality in Delta schools.

The Delta School District enacted a multi-staged process to assess, address, and repair or remove water-drinking sources that did not meet current health and safety guidelines.  During the assessment phase, we worked with our local health authorities, and initiated testing on all sites that were built before 1989.  We had an accredited, independent laboratory test our water samples.  Although the majority of positive test results showed only trace amounts of lead above allowable levels, we realized that this was an issue that required immediate and planned attention.

Our commitment is to ensure that all schools have access to clean water.

We are pleased to report that by the end of the week (September 2nd) District Facilities staff will have completed a project involving a combination of re-piping and decommissioning of all drinking fountains which failed initial testing for lead.

The next step, once the drinking fountains have been in service for at least one week, will be to re-test the water quality at those locations. This is a precautionary measure, as we are confident that the extensive and detailed repair and replacement work has been successful in resolving the issues.  Facilities staff will then be posting signage at classroom sinks, pod sinks, washroom sinks, multi-purpose and room sinks advising that water from those faucets are not intended for drinking and to use the nearest drinking fountain.  Affected sinks in other rooms where we weren't able to complete re-piping this summer (i.e. a couple of foods rooms and kitchens) will have signs advising users to run water for two minutes prior to first use of the day; once we remediate those locations, this signage will be removed.

Thanks to all for your patience and support!