Major Capital Projects

  • Structural Seismic Upgrade Program:

The Ministry of Education engaged engineers and geoscientists to complete a comprehensive re-assessment of seismic safety at more than 500 B.C. schools previously identified for potential funding under the School Seismic Mitigation Program.  Based on the latest scientific research, improved technology and study of recent major earthquakes around the world, the new assessment, released in May 2012, identified 152 schools with at least one “high priority” building section that need to be addressed with structural upgrades under the School Seismic Mitigation Program.  The cost to address these high-priority schools is estimated at $1.3 billion.

In Delta (click here to open the list of facilities and blocks assessed and their ratings), a total of 10 schools met this criteria.  Seismic upgrade projects have so far been completed at eight schools (Sands Secondary, Burnsview Secondary, Delview Secondary, Devon Gardens Elementary, Sunshine Hills Elementary, Pinewood Elementary, Port Guichon Elementary and South Delta Secondary), with two projects remaining:

      • Delta Secondary - $17.6 Million upgrade to the theatre, automotive and woodworking shops, and art/classroom blocks, including remedial work to adjacent blocks' foundations, partial demolition, renovations and non-structural seismic upgrades to the entire facility.   Supported by the Ministry of Education in April 2013, construction started in April 2015, target completion in April 2017.  To view the project overview presentation made to school staff in March 2015, click here and to view the February 2017 Project Status Update, click here.
      • Gibson Elementary - $1.2 Million upgrade to the 1972 classroom and gymnasium blocks, submitted for approval in Fall 2016.  To view the Project Identification Report, click here.
  • Building Envelope Program:

Delta Secondary - In 2011, an interim repair was undertaken to mitigate water ingress and potential failure of the original face-sealed stucco cladding system of Genesis Theatre at Delta Secondary by stabilizing the stucco system and constructing a pre-finished metal rain screen cladding system over top.  Once the Province approved the seismic upgrade project at Delta Secondary and it was later determined that sections of the interim cladding system would need to be removed to permit extension of new structural steel framing up the outside of the theatre fly tower, both the Ministry of Education and District staff agreed the opportunity to consider adding the permanent building envelope remediation work was the present.  As such, $2.5 Million has been approved by the Province to undertake the project concurrently with the seismic upgrade, with work expected to start in January 2016 and be completed by April 2017.  To view the February 2017 Project Status Update, click here.

Facilities Renewal & Upgrade Program (FRUP):

Annual projects required to maintain capital assets through their anticipated economic life and prevent any premature deterioration of these assets.  Renewal/upgrade projects typically include building envelope (roofs, exterior walls, doors, windows), mechanical and electrical systems, interior finishes (walls, floors, ceilings, doors), risk management (safety, security, grounds (playgrounds, drainage, pavements and playfields) and minor renovations to accommodate Special Programs needs.  Click here to open the 2016/2017 plan  (posted April 2016).

Energy Conservation Retrofits:

A key part of the annual FRUP is the retrofit of existing lighting, HVAC and building controls systems to reduce the amount of energy needed to operate the equipment.  Funding for these projects comes from a variety of sources (operating budget, annual facilities grant, BC Hydro and FortisBC incentives, other government grants).  For more information on what we have done and are currently doing, click here.

Project Manager (Major Capital Projects, Accommodation Projects) - Frank Geyer, Director of Facilities & Planning

Program/Project Manager (FRUP Projects) - John Vantol, Manager of Maintenance Services

Project Manager (IT Projects) - Paul Parsons, Manager of IT Services

Project Manager (Energy Conservation Retrofit Projects) - Marilyn Christensen, Acting Energy Manager

Project Coordinator (FRUP and Minor Works) - Rick Harrison, Architectural Trades Foreman