Reduce, Re-use & Recycle Paper & Cardboard

  • Make all photocopies and print-outs double-sided and reduce margin widths.
  • Avoid wasted paper and mistakes by previewing documents carefully and knowing how to properly operate the photocopier (if unsure how to operate the copier, don't be afraid to ask the school secretary).
  • Consider using a reusable fax cover page (can be made by laminating a blank cover page and then writing using dry erase pens).  Better yet, send faxes from your computer!
  • For memos and newsletters, circulate or post a single copy or use e-mail.  Try to avoid printing out e-mails you've received.
  • Use only the amount of toilet tissue, paper towel or napkins needed to dry your hands or face.  Don't waste these items - better yet, use hand dryers where available.
  • Try to avoid products or deliveries with excess cardboard packaging or shredded paper packing.  Save what you receive and re-use it for your outgoing deliveries.  Same goes for envelopes.
  • Whenever possible, purchase office paper that is 100% post-consumer recycled content and non-chlorine bleached.
  • Save waste paper that has only been printed on one side and re-use it for notepads, draft print-outs, colouring, etc.
  • If you have to discard office paper, newspaper or cardboard, use the recycling stations situated in your building - don't throw it in the garbage!