Reduce Waste Going to the Landfill

  • When you bring your lunch to school, use a re-usable lunch bag or box and a re-usable bottle to hold your beverage.  Try to minimize using disposable wrapping for your sandwich, cookies, etc. - use plastic containers that can be brought home, washed and used again!
  • Try to minimize use of disposable plastic cups, plates, bowls, food storage bags and utensils.  If you do use these, don't throw them away - take them home, wash them and re-use them.  Better yet.. use non-disposable cups, bowls, plates and utensils.
  • Take home and either re-use or put out for recycling glass bottles and jars.
  • Try to avoid bottled water and consider either bringing your filtered water from home in a re-usable sports bottle or drinking from one of the water fountains located in the school.
  • Consider starting a composting operation to transform your food waste into rich earth-like material that can be added to a school garden to help plants grow.
  • Use re-usable or refillable supplies such as pens, pencils or tape dispensers.  Save plastic report sleeves and cerlox binding for re-use.
  • Good school resources are the Waste Reduction Week and Kids Be Green websites.