The Facilities Branch is responsible for the facilities inventory which includes 7 secondary and 24 elementary schools, 58 modular classrooms, School Board Office, Delta Manor Education Centre, Delta Community College, Tilbury Maintenance Facility and various satellite sites, leased facilities and undeveloped sites.

The Branch is responsible for 40 sites: 202,900 square metres of permanent and modular buildings situated on 133 hectares.

The role of the Facilities Branch is to plan, schedule, implement, and budget all phases of operations and maintenance of the physical plant of the Delta School District as follows:

  • Building Maintenance – non-capital work affecting all mechanical, building automation, electrical, security, life safety and architectural operations of District buildings. This includes a range of preventative, predictive, routine and emergency maintenance work.  Also covered in this area are servicing of stationary shop and kitchen equipment, and fleet services.
  • Grounds Maintenance – upkeep of the entire site and particularly playfields, playgrounds, fencing and pavements for school use.
  • Information Technology Services – management of mission critical information systems (financial, personnel, payroll and student), back-up and disaster recovery of critical data, importing/processing/exporting/reporting data, providing access and support for District computer application software, management of the District datacentre/LAN/WAN/WiFi, electronic repair and servicing of instructional and non-instructional equipment, including: security and card access systems; telephone systems; audio/visual and public address equipment; and development of appropriate technology solutions.
  • Facility Services – daily custodial cleaning of facilities; trucking services; inter-site mail delivery; management of security runner and guard service contracts; pest control; participating in and promoting health and safety programs; chair, table, risers and staging supply; waste management; and support to community activities occurring in the facilities.
  • Project Management & Implementation – planning, designing, budgeting, scheduling and implementation of capital and annual facility projects and minor works (additions, renewals, renovations, reconfigurations and demolitions to buildings and grounds.
  • Planning & Property Management – long and short-term enrolment projections, space planning, acquisition and disposal of real property and provision of services to properties leased by or from the District.
  • Sustainability & Energy Management – development, implementation and management of the District’s utilities and sustainable operations program with a focus on energy (electricity, fossil fuel) conservation, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, water conservation, waste reduction, and awareness programs.
  • Emergency Planning – development, implementation and monitoring of the District Emergency Plan, including liaison with key stakeholders and agencies.

Facilities Branch Business Profile