Capital Projects

Capital Projects Supporting Sustainability in Delta

Over the past 20 years, the Facilities Branch of the Delta School District has undertaken many projects to reduce and conserve energy, such as:

  • Retrofitting and controlling lighting systems (i.e. dimming corridor lighting while classes in session, installing motion sensors)
  • Installing direct digital building management systems to better control heating
  • Installing software on computers which power down units and monitors after hours
  • Replacing antiquated gas-fired heating equipment with newer energy efficient units and augmenting heating systems with solarwalls
  • Gradually replacing incandescent-lit Exit signs with low energy LED technology
  • Replacing or retrofitting all fluorescent lighting fixtures from T12 magnetic ballasts to energy efficient T8 electronic ballasts
  • Undertaking a massive (over 7,000 tubes) fluorescent re-lamping program (replacing 32W T8 lamps with 28W T8’s)
  • Installing solenoid valves on non-flushometer urinals connected to the building management system to reduce water consumption
  • Installing water meters to monitor and reduce usage
  • Incorporating energy efficient heating, lighting and plumbing systems into building upgrades, renovations and additions projects

as well as other innovative measures which contributed to some of the best energy costs per square metre in BC school districts.

Projects recently completed, currently underway, or planned to start within the next five years include: