PowerSave Software

Installing PowerSave Software on the District’s Computers

A typical desktop PC with a 17-inch LCD monitor requires about 100 watts of electricity to operate.  If left on 24×7 for one year, this same computer will consume 874 kilowatt hours of electricity – that’s enough to release 350 kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and the equivalent of driving 1,320 km in the average car!

We are currently installing Power Save PC power management software on all District computers that keeps computers running when users need them and accurately determines when computers are inactive so they can be powered down.  It is expected that, once the project is complete, we could realize a reduction of approximately 2 MWh per year, which equates to over $100,000/year savings in electricity costs.  Funding assistance has come from the BC Hydro PowerSmart Product Incentive Program.