Green Initiatives

Facilities Branch

Working closely with BC Hydro PowerSmart, FortisBC, Government of British Columbia Climate Action Secretariat and other agencies, the Facilities Branch is undertaking initiatives to reduce energy (electric, fossil fuel, water) consumption, greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in our buildings including:

  • Auditing of utility consumption, setting performance targets and studying potential projects for reductions;
  • Enhanced recycling programs at schools and other District facilities to reduce the amount of recyclable items (i.e. paper, cardboard, metals, plastics, glass, drink containers) entering the waste stream and divert them to proper handling locations;
  • Continued upgrading of controls for water, heating, lighting, demand ventilation in gyms and other building automation;
  • Fleet management plan to replace antiquated vehicles and grounds equipment with new, fuel efficient, eco-friendly, size-specific equipment;
  • Continued greening of our cleaning processes to reduce packaging and waste, and reduce chemicals harmful to the environment;
  • Auditing and awareness campaign to reduce the amount of waste entering landfills; and
  • Continued implementation of the Rooftop Heating Units (RTU) Replacement Program, replacing close to 400 antiquated, inefficient gas-fired units with new, 350% efficient electric heat pumps.

Carbon Neutral Action Report 2014

District Operations

  • Delta School District School Sustainability Initiatives Program

Interested in finding out how you and your students can help the environment?  Want to know more about recycling, waste management, transportation, and energy and water conservation issues?  Need funding for a sustainability initiative in your school?  The District Sustainable Schools Initiatives Program is for you!   The Delta Board of Education is pleased to be able offer up to $20,000 worth of grants to support school-based sustainability projects in the District this school year.