Emergency Preparedness Resources

There are a multitude of printed and online resources available regarding emergency preparedness.  The following are just a few of the ones we’ve researched and recommend for visiting.

The District Emergency Preparedness Manual is part of the District Emergency Plan which has been developed and constantly being refined with the cooperation of Delta Emergency Measures Office, Delta Emergency Social Services, Delta Police and other local agencies.  Materials contained in this Manual are to be used by schools, staff and students for the purpose of emergency planning, preparedness and response. Materials contained herein are not to be used, in whole or in part, for profit or personal gain in any manner.  Every reasonable effort has been made at the time of development to ensure the accuracy of the content in this Manual.  The use and/or interpretation of the information in this manual is entirely at the risk of the user(s).  The authors, contributors, and their agents of this manual assume no responsibility and disclaim any liability resulting from the use and/or interpretation of the information contained herein.

A series of forms in MS Word (.DOC) and Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) formats that can be downloaded and used by staff and PACs in support of the District and School Emergency Plans.  These forms are available in the section below called EP Forms.

The District Emergency Response Manual is part of the District Emergency Plan which has been developed and constantly being refined with the cooperation of Delta Police and other local agencies.  The Delta School District, the Board of Education, district and school administration, staff, parents, students and community are committed to ensuring that the learning environment in Delta’s schools is maintained in a safe, caring and orderly manner.  To this end it is expected that all members of the school community will understand and adhere to expectations of widely held and appropriate standards and codes of conduct.  Nevertheless threats of violence and harm are realities that must be prepared for.  The intent of this manual is to outline guidelines and provide directions for responses to a variety of possible situations that may put students and staff at risk.  No plan can provide for or anticipate every circumstance or event that may occur.  As such emergency responses must be both dynamic and flexible.  As circumstances evolve and needs change, further additions and reviews of this collection will be required.

EP Information and Tips for Parents

A District bulletin discussing how parents can talk to their children about emergency preparedness, emergency student release and other helpful tips to ensure family members respond appropriately and effectively to an emergency or disaster situation at the school.

Family Emergency Preparedness Notice – Elementary

Family Emergency Preparedness Notice – Secondary

Emergency Student Release Information

Letters sent by schools every September to parents to ask them to fill-out and submit, using Parent Connect, emergency student release information, including names of temporary guardians who are authorized to pick up their children in case of an emergency school closure, out-of-province contact in case local telephone service is disrupted, and a listing of their child’s medical alerts.

First Aid and Basic Rescue Skills Guides

St. John Ambulance has developed a great one-page poster that helps remind people basic steps in first aid, CPR and other emergencies.  It is strongly recommended that sites download and print-off these posters, fold and store with the classroom “grab & go” kits.

We also have a great Basic Rescue Skills Guide prepared by the Government of Canada that discusses “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to search and rescue operations.  It too is strongly recommended for sites include in their classroom “grab & go” kits.

Emergency Preparedness Videos (courtesy ShakeOutBC)

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