As I take some time to reflect on the 2019/2020 school year, I think it’s fair to say that the year started off like any other. However, it has certainly ended in a way unlike any year we have seen before.
Prior to the declaration of a global pandemic on March 11,… Read more »

September 24, 2019
Dear Delta Parents & Guardians,
As you have likely seen and heard through the media, youth around the world have been staging rallies and other forms of peaceful protest in the effort to express their concern for their future on this planet. On the afternoon of Friday September 27,… Read more »

Welcome back to school everyone—
As the year begins, I wish Delta students, parents, and staff a wonderful school year.
I hope that Delta’s amazing summer weather has given you all the opportunity to rest, relax, recharge, and spend time with family and friends. As we settle into our schools and learning spaces,… Read more »

As we wind down the 2018/19 school year and look towards the warm, restorative days of summer break, I would like to take this time to acknowledge the hard work and commitment to success we have experienced across Delta School District this school year.
Thank you to all our parents and staff who have helped and supported our students in innumerable ways…. Read more »

Starting in June the McCloskey Playground Replacement Project, which received over $100,000 from the provincial government earlier this year, will begin.
Installation of a new ‘jungle gym’ play area will be taking place in the northwest corner of the property from June-End of August.

June 5 – Secure Site (this will include perimeter fencing)
June 7 to June 24 –… Read more »

June is Pride Month, and the Delta School District is raising rainbow flags this week at the two administrative buildings in Ladner to recognize this global initiative.
“We want to honour the fact that it is Pride Month and reaffirm our longstanding commitment to establishing and maintaining a safe and positive learning environment for all students and employees,” says Laura Dixon,… Read more »

The City of Delta is hosting a Public Information Meeting on the GFL Enviro-Smart composting facility.
The meeting will be held on September 27, 2018 from 6 pm to 8:30 pm at Ladner’s Harris Barn, located at 4140 Arthur Drive.
A series of information display boards will be featured at this meeting,… Read more »

This summer EB parents are working hard to improve the outdoor play areas of the school.

A workshop was conducted at English Bluff Elementary before the start of the 2017 summer break. Classes chose their favourite elements or concepts, the following questions were asked to each group of students to get them talking and brainstorming:

What do you like to do when you play outside?… Read more »

March 2018 – Facilities conducted its annual review of the district’s schools water quality. Water samples were taken at selected test sites without pre-flushing and submitted to a certified lab for testing. Of the 104 samples taken 4 tested at or above the ministry acceptable levels. Two drinking fountains failed both at the limit of acceptable levels .01 mg/L…. Read more »

With winter weather coming sooner than we would like, we wanted to make sure that all District sites and stakeholders were aware of the Snow and Ice Management Procedures to be followed by the Facilities Branch.We also wanted to remind everyone that the District only has a 10 person groundskeeping crew to look after our 36 sites that have over 116,800 square metres of paved vehicular and pedestrian surfaces. … Read more »

For the latest information
Drinking Water Quality Program page.
In early 2016, at the request of the Provincial Health Officer via the Ministry of Education to all BC school districts, the Delta School District established a plan to evaluate drinking water quality in Delta schools.
The Delta School District enacted a multi-staged process to assess,… Read more »

The Delta School District Long Range Facilities Plan, originally developed in March 2010, has been reviewed and completely updated to reflect the current facility inventory, enrolment history and projections, and evolving trends and opportunities.  The document was last updated in March 2012 to reflect the District Vision.  To download a copy of the draft December 2016 plan and its appendices,… Read more »

The District Snow & Ice Management memo and work procedure for 2016/2017:
Snow & Ice Management ProcedureRead more »

The former playground installation guidelines have been updated and replaced with a new “GUIDELINES FOR PLAY STRUCTURE INSTALLATIONS”.  As well, a new companion document “GUIDE FOR THE PLACEMENT OF NON-SECURED AND NATURAL ACTIVITY STRUCTURES IN DELTA SCHOOL DISTRICT PROPERTIES” has been prepared and posted, in response to requests for more natural playgrounds.  … Read more »

Earlier this year, at the request of the Provincial Health Officer via the Ministry of Education to all BC school districts, the Delta School District established a plan to evaluate water quality in Delta schools.
The Delta School District enacted a multi-staged process to assess, address, and repair or remove water-drinking sources that did not meet current health and safety guidelines.  … Read more »