Winter Weather – Snow & Ice Management 2017-18

Oct 17

With winter weather coming sooner than we would like, we wanted to make sure that all District sites and stakeholders were aware of the Snow and Ice Management Procedures to be followed by the Facilities Branch.We also wanted to remind everyone that the District only has a 10 person groundskeeping crew to look after our 36 sites that have over 116,800 square metres of paved vehicular and pedestrian surfaces.  At any given time, we could have as many as 10 or as few as six crew members available due to illness or other absence.  As always, we will do our utmost best to have schools open during times of inclement weather, and appreciate the collaborative effort site staff and our crew will hopefully continue to have during those challenging times.Please refer to the updated  Snow & Ice Management Procedure and the District Administrative Procedure 131 – Emergency School Closing for information on our winter weather strategies.Thank you in advance for your cooperation!