Long Range Facilities Plan

In 2009, the Delta Board of Education requested staff to undertake a review of its facilities, school boundaries and program locations so that strategic directions can be established for the future of our facilities.  The process for the Facilities, Boundaries and Program Locations review included the development of a formal “Long Range Facilities Plan” report by the Facilities Branch, along with a series of open houses for public review and feedback.

For more information on the process and to view the final Long Range Facilities Plan report, which was updated in December 2016 to reflect the latest enrolment projections, facility condition data and other factors, click here.

Enrolment Projections

The Delta School District annually reviews its individual schools and overall district enrolment trends, expected newcomers to the system (kindergarten-age, cross boundary, new residents, etc.) and migration of students in and out of school catchments.  From this data, enrolment projections are developed which aid in the budgeting, staffing and capital planning processes.

Latest enrolment projections for the District by school (updated 14 December 2016):

2017 Enrolment Projections By School Year Program (excl DA HQ Intl)

School Catchments

Periodically, the boundaries of school catchments are reviewed and occasionally adjusted to reflect population trends, over-crowding or under-utilization of school facilities, program changes, etc.  The latest catchment maps for the four zones making up the Delta School District and the District as a whole may be accessed by clicking on the zone below (updated 02 October 2017).

Elementary Schools

Secondary Schools