Long Range Facilities Plan

In 2009, the Delta Board of Education requested staff to undertake a review of its facilities, school boundaries and program locations so that strategic directions can be established for the future of our facilities.  The process for the Facilities, Boundaries and Program Locations review included the development of a formal “Long Range Facilities Plan” report by the Facilities Branch, along with a series of open houses for public review and feedback.

The Long Range Facilities Plan:

  • analyzes enrolment projections, current municipal land use plans and proposed developments, any anomalies between projected enrolment and existing operating capacity by catchment, and stakeholder inputs;
  • analyzes facility condition audits and seismic risk assessments;
  • develops vision and strategic planning principles; and
  • creates and evaluate options that respond to the vision statement and strategic planning principles, including boundary reviews, program location reviews, consideration of new programs and provincial early learning initiatives, community-appropriate facility use, necessary facility upgrades (including seismic) and/or replacements, and facility expansion/ decommissioning/consolidation/closure.

The Open Houses were held October 27 – November 2, 2009.  Information was displayed on panels (click here to view the PDF file) with comment sheets handed out upon entry and received.

The Long Range Facilities Plan report, which was updated in December 2016 to align with the District Vision and reflect the latest enrolment projections, facility condition data, trends and other factors, can be accessed below (click on links to open the PDF files):