Building Envelope

Building Envelope Program

Delta Secondary School– In 2011, an interim repair was undertaken to mitigate water ingress and potential failure of the original face-sealed stucco cladding system of Genesis Theatre at Delta Secondary by stabilizing the stucco system and constructing a pre-finished metal rainscreen cladding system over top.

Once the Province approved the seismic upgrade project at Delta Secondary and it was later determined that sections of the interim cladding system would need to be removed to permit extension of new structural steel framing up the outside of the theatre fly tower, both the Ministry of Education and District staff agreed the opportunity to consider adding the permanent building envelope remediation work was the present.

As such, $2.5 Million has been approved by the Province to undertake the project concurrently with the seismic upgrade, with work expected to start in January 2016 and be completed by April 2017.

View the February 2017 Project Status Update here:

DSS SMP-BEP February 2017 Update