Maintenance Services

The Maintenance Services Department performs a number of functions for District facilities:

Covered under the annual operating budget:

  • Preventative Maintenance – scheduled work performed on operational equipment or building systems to ensure uninterrupted, continued and efficient operation.  This is done using rotating maintenance crews. Rotating Maintenance Crews.
  • Predictive Maintenance – non-invasive monitoring and analysis to determine the condition of operating equipment and systems without disrupting normal service.  Used to identify the optimum range of controllable maintenance activity that will extend the life of the equipment at the lowest net cost.
  • Corrective/Breakdown Maintenance – restoring the operation of equipment or systems that have failed or are not performing properly.  Examples are responding to trouble calls (lack of heat, roof leak, etc.) and are dealt with as promptly as possible).
  • Replacement of equipment, systems, or other building components when the item has reached the end of its useful life or when repairs are no longer cost effective.  Major items (roofs, building envelope systems, mechanical systems) are usually handled through the Annual Facility Grant funding.
  • Management of the Direct Digital Control (DDC) system, which controls heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in District buildings, building security and alarm systems.
  • Maintenance and repairs of non-building structures, fences, borders, retaining walls, goal posts, nets, playground equipment, ground water drainage systems, catchbasins, irrigation systems, driveways, asphalt and curbing.  Installation of sign posts and gates.  Planting, trimming and maintenance of all exterior plantings, grass, shrubs, trees and gardens.
  • Servicing, repair and replacement of District fleet vehicles and equipment.

Not covered under the annual operating budget:

  • Renovations – the activities of rehabilitation, modernization, changing and remodelling which alter the basic building or its components to provide room for expansion or to accommodate a new function.  This work is typically funded by the District either out of its local capital or other capital reserves.
  • Facility renewals – restoration and/or replacement of major building components which are nearing or have reached the end of their serviceable life.  Projects of this nature are typically funded out of the FRUP, with larger projects possibly covered out of the Ministry’s Capital Plan.
  • Improvements – renovations to enhance the operation or reduce the operating costs of a building.  This work could be funded by the District or, if in compliance with Ministry of Education policy, may be funded out of the FRUP.
  • Upgrades – work necessary to bring the building up to local codes, enhance safety (i.e. seismic mitigation, fall protection in playgrounds), etc.  Projects of this nature are typically funded out of the FRUP, with larger projects covered out of the Ministry’s Capital Plan.
  • Fee-for-Service work – work requests made by building administrators typically valued at over $100 which are not covered under any maintenance category.  Examples are: moving, supply and/or installation of furniture, fixtures and equipment (including playground equipment), minor renovations not covered under the FRUP, connection of computers, telecommunications and electronics, servicing and repair of school or academy owned busses, and other special requests.

In general, Building Maintenance crews conduct non-capital work affecting all mechanical, building automation, electrical, security, life safety and architectural operations of District buildings.  For more information on our services, please go here: