Rotating Maintenance Crews

What are Rotating Maintenance Crews?

Rotating Maintenance Crews provide maintenance to any existing parts of the building or the systems in the building such as carpentry, computer support, electrical, mechanical and painting.  Work carried out by these crews slows or reverses the natural process of wear inherent in occupied buildings or provides repair for predictable ‘wear and tear’ problems.  Rotating Maintenance Crews work on a progressive schedule to ensure all locations are including on a regular cycle.  Because schedules are subject to staff availability, and may be interrupted for projects and urgent repairs, a calendar schedule is not available.  For an estimate of when a crew may be at your site, contact the appropriate foreman.

How Does Rotating Maintenance Occur?

When the Crew arrives at a site, they will report to the office to confirm the time frame they will be onsite.  While there they will complete any non-emergent requisition items required to maintain the existing building, equipment or components.  They will also review other selected items to determine the need for maintenance on items not identified on work orders.  Crew staff will report back to the office all work carried out in the building and may request the generation of additional Work Requests to cover work done that was not identified on existing MaintenanceDirect requests.  Since all work is required to be entered into MaintenanceDirect, site-based office assistance in creating these new work requests is greatly appreciated as it leaves the crews free to concentrate on completing the physical work, as opposed to the ‘paper work’.

Keep in mind Rotating Work Crews will only repair or maintain something that already exists.