Work Requests

Any of the Following Work Requires a Work Request to be Submitted by the School/Site

  • Corrective/Breakdown Maintenance – restoring the operation of equipment or systems that have failed or are not performing properly; or
  • Major Repairs – too large, time-consuming (i.e. takes longer than two hours to complete) or complex to be completed by Rotating Maintenance Crews; or
  • New Work – requests made by Principals/Site Managers typically valued at over $100 which are not covered under any maintenance category – examples include: moving, supply and/or installation of furniture, fixtures and equipment (including playground equipment); minor renovations to accommodate or enhance programs or school operations; connection of computers, telecommunications and electronics; additional electrical outlets or lighting; painting and flooring (outside of the maintenance or replacement program cycles); additional custodial services for a facility booking or special event; and other special requests; or
  • Estimates or Feasibility Reviews for potential facility work.

What is MaintenanceDirect?

  • MaintenanceDirect is a web-based Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) used to generate, track and report all maintenance activities developed by SchoolDude, North America’s leading education platform of cloud solutions for schools and universities to manage facilities, maintenance and technology.

When is MaintenanceDirect Used?

  • for all types of building or grounds maintenance, custodial, trucking, or computer system work, including items formerly placed on the Preventive Maintenance Repair Lists in schools;
  • for any work that requires an estimate; and
  • as the mechanism through which all work requests are submitted – this includes preventive and reparative maintenance, estimates, all trades, trucking services and all equipment repairs.
  • Emergency Work that is called-in directly to the District Maintenance Centre must also be entered in MaintenanceDirect.  Call Operations at 604-946-5088, extensions 5221 or 5223 for assistance or clarification.


How to Use MaintenanceDirect

  • All work requests must be entered via the internet at web address
  • One will need to log into the system using the Login Name and Password that has been provided to the requester, and then selecting “MaintenanceDirect” in the “Go to” dropdown menu and pressing the “Sign In” button .  Once logged in, one may change his/her password by clicking the “My Settings” tab and making the changes in the Work Order Participant Information screen.

Creating or Updating Work Requests:

  • After logging into MaintenanceDirect, click on the New Request tab.  The New Work Request screen should then open.
  • Location – from the dropdown menu, select the originating location.
  • Area – select from the dropdown menu or, if none are appropriate, add text to the Area Number field.
  • Select Problem Type – hover over the appropriate icon and select as appropriate.
  • Provide a description of the problem or work request.  Use specific information regarding the concern and the location as well as the expectation.
  • Purpose – select the Work Order Type from the dropdown menu.
  • Request Completion Date – USED FOR TRUCKING REQUESTS ONLY.  All others are prioritized and scheduled by maintenance services staff.
  • File Attachments – attach file(s) as appropriate.
  • Action Taken – usually completed by a respondent technician.
  • Submit Request – click on Submit to complete your request.

How to Look Up an Existing Work Request:

  • On any screen select the My Request tab or select “My Request” at right side of home screen.  All of your work requests will be selected.
  • A better way is to use the Work Order Identification (WOID) number and enter into the search box.  This will bring up the specified work order.
  • You may use Advanced Search if you don’t have a WOID number and then select as many parameters as needed on the next screen to obtain the information you seek.