New Emergency Procedures Language

Over the past few years, most B.C. School Districts, in consultation with community and Provincial partners, have moved away from these procedures and adopted language that is more universally accepted across North America (and globally) by first responders and Police.

Our current School Emergency Procedures have been in place for over fifteen years, including the Code Green, Code Yellow and Code Red procedures.

Through extensive consultation with our Delta Police partners, Delta has started the process to transition to the new language (see image below).

In the event of an incident at your child’s school, this language is what will be used to communicate with staff, students, Delta Police (if required), and the public.

One of our goals is that by moving away from broad terminology like “code red” and “code yellow”, to more specific language, parents will have a better understanding of what is happening at your child’s school, in the event of an emergency.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with this information, as a preventative measure against confusion and unnecessary concern in the event of an incident.

Also, our team of School Liaison Officers from the Delta Police will be working with schools to prepare for emergency drills this fall, utilizing the new terminology.