What is DeltaGreen?

The Delta School District has taken a proactive role in environmental stewardship for many years.  Facilities have been constructed, renovated and retrofitted with energy conservation in mind, schools and other District sites have undertaken paper recycling programs and other waste reduction measures, custodial practices have changed to reduce packaging and incorporate more environmentally friendly cleaning products, and a number of other initiatives have been implemented to do our part in greening our operations.  However, we need to do far more in the areas of climate action, conservation of non-renewable resources, water and the environment, and contribution to sustainable region principles established by Metro Vancouver.  DeltaGreen is the strategy the Delta School District has developed and follows to bring us to sustainable excellence.   Click here to view District Administrative Procedure #544 - Sustainability.


New  Seaquam Students Win YRE Canada National Competition
for Second Straight Year!

Congratulations to the 15 DYSN Students (listed below) for winning the 2017 YRE Canada competition.  Young Reporters for the Environment is a United Nations sponsored program where students report and take action on local sustainability issues.  Participants (ages 11-14 and 15-18) investigate and report on environmental issues, and propose solutions, by using video, photography or writing.  For more information on the YRE Canada competition please visit:

This year, FIFTEEN students from Seaquam won SIX of Canada’s NINE awards in the high school category.  The 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive a certificate and will have their work published on the Environmental Defence Canada’s website.  This year’s 1st place winners will have their work published in Canada’s ‘Alternative Journal’ (a national environmental magazine) and will become Canada’s official entry in the 2017 International YRE competition against winners from 34 other nations for a chance to attend international sustainability conferences with world leaders this summer.  YRE international competition winners will be announced on June 5th from the competition headquarters in Copenhagen Denmark.  Last year, over 35,000 students participated in the program throughout the world.

2017 YRE

shutdownWinter Shutdown Campaign Winners

Congratulations to Seaquam Secondary for winning the draw for $250.00 Staples Gift Certificate as a participant in the annual School Winter Shutdown Campaign.  A total of 16 schools took part in the campaign, which involved turning off and unplugging small appliances, electrical equipment and electronics over the Winter Break, completing and submitting a checklist to Facilities Branch.  The Seaquam Green Team will be awarded the gift certificate at the January 16 DeltaGreen Committee meeting.

In the annual Custodial Winter Shutdown Campaign, where custodians were encouraged to turn off and unplug small appliances, electrical equipment and electronics over the Winter Break, complete and submitting a checklist to Facilities Branch, nine custodians won $10.00 Tim Horton's coffee cards.

It is great to see so many people in our school district care about our commitment to sustainability initiatives!  Every little action is a step closer to making a "Green Difference".  Thank you to all participants for caring about our carbon footprint!

Save the Dates - Bike to School Week!

Bike to School Week is a free and fun week-long celebration of biking to school taking place May 29 - June 4, 2017.  Bike to School Week is a chance for schools throughout British Columbia to encourage and celebrate students and their families cycling to school.  There are several ways in which you can get involved, if you live in Metro Vancouver you can register at HUB.  You can register as a school, a team or an individual!

DeltaGreen in the News!

Here are the latest stories posted on the Delta School District website:

Here are the latest stories posted in local newspapers:

Waste Diversion in Delta Schools and District Facilities

waste_watcher In 2015, the Metro Vancouver Regional District is implementing a disposal ban on organic materials in the waste stream affecting businesses, residents and institutions.  In order to comply with the ban, the Delta School District implemented measures over Summer 2014 to ensure organics, as well as recyclable items, are properly separated from the general waste stream, collected and disposed of.

Measures included:

  • the purchase and set-up of "Waste Watcher" separation/collection stations at all District facilities;
  • adding organic waste dumpsters outside of all District facilities;
  • the general removal of waste containers in all classrooms, offices and meeting rooms - leaving only single-stream recycling containers; and
  • development of a stronger waste diversion promotion program to change behaviours of staff and students.

Staff and students are encouraged to reduce waste through a variety of means, including "Litterless Lunches", choosing products with minimal packaging, challenging other schools on waste reduction, and properly separating discarded items into the following receptacles:

  • Mixed Recyclables (non-refundable plastic, glass and aluminum food and beverage containers, paper, office metals, cardboards);
  • Refundables (refundable beverage cans, bottles, tetra-paks);
  • Organics (fruit, vegetable, meat, egg and fish food waste, tea bags, coffee grounds, paper towels, tissues and napkins, plant waste);
  • Waste (waxed paper, foil, styrofoam, light bulbs, food wrap, other items not covered in the other receptacles).

For specifics on what goes in each receptacle, refer to the sign above each receptable at the Waste Watcher station.  For more information on the Metro Vancouver Organics Ban, click here.

Touchscreens and Energy Monitoring Dashboards

For some time now, touchscreens and programming of the energy monitoring dashboards have been in place near the main entrance of all District sites.  For more information on this initiative, click here.

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